10 Ecotourism Destinations for Nature Lovers

Exploring a natural environment and scenic attractions when traveling is an experience nature lovers will enjoy. If you are thinking of going on a nature trip, now is a good time to plan your visit to some of the world’s best ecotourism destinations.

1. Alaska, USA
Why go there: Breathtaking natural scenery, pristine and undisturbed scenic nature attractions, Denali National Park and Preserve, glacier tour, wildlife sightings, wilderness experience; activities like backpacking, biking, fishing, hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, and more

2. Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
Why go there: Tropical rainforest experience, watch wildlife in their natural habitat, meet people who live in a riverside community, go on a river cruise or a seaplane tour, see a spectacular sunset; hiking, canoeing

3. Antarctica
Why go there: Stunning and untouched scenery, see the wildlife, kayaking and other active adventures

4. Blue Mountains, Australia
Blue Mountains
Why go there: Spectacular views, home to beautiful and exotic plants, activities like biking, trekking, and mountaineering

5. Costa Rica
Why go there: Popular ecotourism destination, biodiversity, majestic landscape and awe-inspiring nature scenery; activities like hiking, rainforest zip lining, and more

6. Iceland
Why go there: Land of Fire and Ice, wide range of natural attractions including fjords, hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, and a lot more; see the northern lights

7. Kenya
Why go there: Spectacular landscape; beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, clear lakes and lush rainforests, numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife sightings, safari-themed tours

8. Kerala, India
Why go there: Pristine beaches, verdant forests, unspoiled natural scenery, beautiful flora and fauna, wildlife sightings at the Rajamala National Park which is home to numerous animals that include bison, elephants, wild boar, and endangered mountain goat among many others

9. Norway
Why go there: Dreamlike natural environment, picturesque and dramatic fjords, mesmerizing untouched scenery, snow-capped mountains, clear water; various activities like hiking, kayaking, and more

10. Palau
Why go there: Popular diving destination, abundant and vibrant marine life, beautiful coral reefs, lush forests, unspoiled beaches, wildlife sightings

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