Do you aspire to be a responsible traveler? It may sound too boring to abide by the rules and be responsible, but there’s actually a fun side to it.

If you bring a spotting scope with you like the Emarth 20-60x60AE, you can be responsible too! It has various uses that will make you enjoy traveling even more. Because of its benefits, bringing one is a brilliant decision.

Here are the uses of these mini telescopes:


Observing the birds would be a much easier thing to do if you have a spotting scope! They are easy to carry and handle, and they give sharp, clear images too. With the magnification power of a spotting scope, you can take a more detailed view of the bird’s plumage and study their appearance better. Just imagine being able to see the bird 45x closer! Isn’t that exciting?

pigeon walking

Watching animals and insects

Who says a spotting scope is only for birds? The device is even perfect for other animals and insects. Zoom in with a spotting scope, and you’ll enjoy your travel better. You don’t have to get closer to animals now when they’re performing shows or just chilling out in the zoo; you can just stay right where you are and use your spotting scope.


Observing nature

If you want to take a look at flowers, trees, sea objects, etc., a spotting scope can help you. With it, you can just sit on the park bench and observe your surroundings without having to stand up and tire out your legs. Feast your eyes on the beauty and magnificence of nature, and you’ll appreciate the environment even more.

man using a spotting scope

Attending concerts

Did you travel because your favorite band is having a concert in that city? Then you don’t have to worry about your location! With a spotting scope, you can get a closer view of the band’s members even if you’re far from the stage! Maximize your viewing experience with a spotting scope, and you won’t regret purchasing one.


Catching criminals

This might not sound favorable, but you can always grab your spotting scope to look at a culprit’s appearance, in case you come across them running while you’re traveling. It can also help you identify their vehicle’s plate number if they used a car or motorcycle, which would make it easier for the police to find them. Even if you’re not in your hometown, you also have to be responsible and do the right thing if you’re given a chance.

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