cannabisAs you may be aware, the market is flooded with companies wanting a piece of the Cannabis growing industry. With LED grow lights becoming so popular, and the demand getting higher, as more states legalize marijuana for recreational or medical use, companies like, BloomBoss, have to step up their platform in order to meet the need.

Last week, Danby Appliances, one of the world’s largest manufacturers in consumer appliances announced that they want in on the Cannabis growing scene as well. Except, they want in with a reliable and reputable company, that has revolutionized growing with LED lights, BloomBoss.

How will this affect BloomBoss’s future and how does it impact other companies in cannabis growing industry?

By acquiring a partnership with Danby, BloomBoss is now in a great position to take the LED growing light industry by storm. They can now have the ability to leverage, as Danby provides experience in mass production, and quality manufacturing. This means more of an out for BloomBoss.

As states legalize cannabis usage, more customers are going to start jumping out of the wood-work. This is where Danby will be able to help. Production and distribution points are crucial when you have demands that need to be met.

Danby’s CEO, Jim Estill, offered an exciting future for consumers of LED grow lights to look forward to. What customers can expect, is a quicker, more efficient quality product, while BloomBoss looks forward to maintaining their innovative cutting edge technology for both old and new growers alike.

What this means for consumers is big things, as more LED grow lights flood the market, some of quality, some lacking, look for more affordability and versatility from companies like BloomBoss, and potential future mergers with other large manufacturers to increase the LED growing light output to the demands of customers.

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