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Are you into woodworking? Then you probably know how to use saws like the ones here Woodworking offers a lot of benefits just like recycling. The only difference is that when you work with wood, you have to plant as many or more trees as you’ve cut, that means producing new things, but recycling turns old products into new ones.

As you are well aware, landfills keep increasing in size all over the planet and our present system of construction, consumption, and disposal has turned unsustainable.

This is why it’s essential for individuals and organizations to participate in a sustainable living and apply new methods to help lessen the trash. Decreasing the amount of garbage and recycling materials can make a difference to protect the environment, save natural resources, and sustain the world for the next generations.

Below are the benefits of recycling.

It conserves resources

As mentioned earlier, used materials can be recycled and transformed into new products which will lower the necessity to use natural resources.

recycle symbol

If used items aren’t recycled, there will be a need to use virgin materials to create new products. In order to extract fresh materials, people need to mine and disturb the forests which won’t be beneficial for future generations at all. Recycling helps save the earth’s resources and protects Mother Nature.

It uses less energy

Nearly all recycling operations are more energy-efficient than the processes which use raw materials. Let’s take aluminum as an example. Recycling this metal saves 95% of the energy need to produce the same amount of aluminum from bauxite, its primary source. In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, recycling a ton of aluminum cans can save more than 207 million Btu, which is equal to 1,665 gallons of gasoline or 36 barrels of oil.

Indeed, recycling can save production energy. 40% can be conserved just by recycling newspaper and glass, 60% can be saved from recycling steel, and 70% of energy can be conserved by recycling plastics.

It protects the environment


Because recycling decreases the need for mining, logging, quarrying, refining, and processing of virgin materials, it also creates a better environment with less water and air pollution. Recycling also lowers greenhouse gas emissions and helps combat climate change.

It decreases the size of landfills


By recycling products, we can reduce the size of our planet’s landfills. It’s crucial to recycle because as the number of people grows, more and more trash will be produced, enlarging the size of our landfills. If we don’t do something about recyclable products, our landfills will increase in size, and we will face poisoning, pollution, and health problems soon enough.

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