About to create your indoor garden? Use LED grow lights! Better known for growing marijuana or cannabis, these ones are the perfect lights to use if you want to be kind to the environment while growing your own plants.  Read on, gardener!

They release more light but less heat

Thank goodness LED lights exist! Because of them, the chances of having damaged or worse, burned plants are low. LED grow lights don’t emit too much heat, which means they allow the plants to grow and mature, not burn and die. These lights give off just the ideal amount of light to allow your indoor plants to blossom. They don’t build up heat like fluorescent bulbs and high-pressure sodium lamps. Perfect, isn’t? No wonder they’re the number one choice for growing indoor plants like weed. If you’re up for further inspiration click here. save energy

These LED grow lights are energy-efficient and that has been proved by previous studies. They can reduce your energy consumption by 40% which makes them eco-friendly. I’m telling you, environmentalists, as well as the environment itself, will surely appreciate these lights. But that’s not the best part—recent studies found that they can lower the consumption of energy by up to 75%! Isn’t that impressive? Who needs other types of light when you can make the world a better place with LED grow lights?

They can help you save money

LED grow lights are new on the market and they have been criticized because of the costly price tags attached to them. However, when you compare them to other types of lights, their total operation costs will be way cheaper. It doesn’t come as a surprise, though, especially if you know that the LED light bulbs don’t need frequent replacements. In fact, they can last up to 10 years! Plus, since they don’t build up heat, you won’t have to purchase additional fans to keep the growing room properly ventilated. But if you use HPS or fluorescent lights which release significant heat; you’ll need extra fans, especially during summer, to allow you and the plants to breathe.


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