Green-Living Habits You Should Adopt

green living

It’s one thing to have a simple life. It’s another to have a green lifestyle. So, why not have both?

You might ask: how can I have a simple life and a green lifestyle at the same time?

Well, first things first. You have to adopt green lifestyle habits. The rest will follow once you get used to it.

Here are some green-living habits you should adopt:

  • Triple Rs. Reduce, reuse, recycle. To live simply is to reduce using anything that will only come as waste after a short period of time. To live simply is to reuse anything that can still be used, even if it has existed for years already. To live simply is to recycle anything from those that can still be used in another way.
  • Save electricity and water. To live simply is to acknowledge that you can only spend that much on your utility bills. You should learn how to save electricity and water, as well as other kind of bills that you are paying for. Do not fall into the mindset of “I can pay these later” or “I’ll just borrow money from my relative or friend.”
  • Shop less. To live simply is to acknowledge that you should only buy what you truly need. Your wants can save for later. Aside from that, shopping less will also reduce the burden of having to accumulate plastic bags and not being able to get rid of them that easily. So, always remember: needs over wants.
  • Go organic. One reason why more and more people are going organic and having a green lifestyle over a normal lifestyle is because of its health and fitness benefits. Whether going organic on food or even on shopping bags, to live simply is to acknowledge that health and fitness should come first before anything else.
  • Go D.I.Y. To live simply is to know more about doing things by yourself. Save up, instead of spending money for someone else to do something you can actually do on your own. Be it mowing the lawn or cutting down that loose tree branch in your backyard, it’s better to “do-it-yourself” and learn how to be independent at the same time.

Cut down that loose tree branch in your backyard and turn it into a new D.I.Y. project with the best table saw for the money.

These are only some of the green-living habits you should adopt to both have a simple and green lifestyle at the same time.

Any other habits you might want to add? Comment them below and let’s discuss about it!

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